Open to all Athletes

Open to All Athletes

Open to all AthletesRAID Games is a High Performance, strength and endurance competition designed to measure work capacity, open to athletes

Division Standards

Division StandardsELITE * RX *Scaled* Teams athletes must be able to complete WODs with stated movements and specified weights.  Read More...

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers NeededVolunteers needed for this event.  Please visit our Volunteer section for all the details.   

RAID Date Change - Sept. 12, 13 & 14, 2014

Marriott Hotel Marriott Hotel

EFX Fitness and Endurance Expo

With festivals in nearly a dozen North American cities reaching hundreds of thousands of health, fitness and endurance sports enthusiasts; the EFX Expo is one of the largest fitness festivals in the world.

The mission of EFX is to entertain, educate and engage a global audience that chooses to live and celebrate a more healthy, fit and active lifestyle through our media and live events brands.

We hope you will join us for great exhibits, challenging competitions, workshops and demonstrations and the opportunity to meet and work with thousands of potential clients, customers, mentors and partners.


Registration Refund Policy

Based on the logistics and timing of this event, we do not accommodate refunds. RAID Games VI is very precise with entering the names in division heats in advance in order to have a smooth event operation. Once the event is sold out, we will allow athletes to sell their spot to others within the same division, but keep in mind t-shirt sizes may be affected. Register only if you are sure about your division and that you will be able to attend.   

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